Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 0.5

Ok, so I'm not officially starting today like I should, but I finally got my meal plan for the week worked out and went to the grocery store.  I could tell that it was a good plan, since 90% of my groceries came from the produce section.  Always a good sign when you're buying more fresh veggies than anything else.  I did have one issue though.  I couldn't find any vegan breakfast sausages in the frozen section.  My beloved Morninstar patties have egg in them.  I choose the next best option, which was the Boca links, which according to the box have trace ammounts of milk product.  If the store was more robust, you can find some better options.  I think that Central Market carries the organic veggie sausage, which I think is completely vegan.  Another good option would be soyrizo or one of the other soy sausage products next to the tofu, which might be vegan as well.

Another problem I had was with protien/energy bars.  I'll be eating one of these as a mid-morning snack every day, but I couldn't find any that were expressly vegan.  I went with the Cliff Bar Chocolate and Peanut butter type, since it said it might be produced on lines with egg, milk, etc, but didn't say it contained any.  A quick check on their site says that they are vegan, so that's good, since I love those bars.  If you can't find them, then you could also do Luna bars, which seem to be vegan as well.

So the grocery store was a success, and I was feeling pretty darn good about my chances, then I ran over to GNC to get some protien powder, which is another essential part of the P90X system, since you do a shake every day.  Unfortunately, the kid working the desk wasn't much help.  I mentioned I'm looking for vegan protein powder, and he told me that one product goes great when mixed with milk.  Maybe he assumed soy milk, but I wasn't so sure about this guy, especially when he tried to sell me fruit punch flavored powder after I said I would be mixing it with everything, including soup.

I realized that the size of these containers is ridiculous.  There was a 15 ft wall stacked floor to ceiling with whey powder, but very slim pickings with the soy powder.  I grabbed a container of the unflavored soy powder and got the heck out of there.  If I need more, I'll order it online, as they have a better selection and their website is more helpful than their help.  I just don't want to look like this guy:

So I'm all set for my first day tomorrow.  Tonight will be spent making soup as well as deconstructing my mini-fridge to make a keggerator.  It's ironic that I'll have a keg full of home made delicious beer, but will be on a very low carb diet.  Beer only counts as a single serving of carbs right?

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