Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 4: Finally, Some Relief

Or at least that's what I thought.  The work out for today was Yoga X, which I was thinking would be some stretching and a few poses.  It should be good to loosen me up, but I wasn't expecting to work that much.  Boy, was I wrong.  When I popped it in and it said an hour and a half, I got a little nervous, and rightly so.  Most of the poses I fell out of, especially when I attempted the more difficult ones like warrior 3 and the dancer pose.  Not quite as complicated as what you see here, but I was feeling it.  It ended with some core work that I felt like I could actually do, and therefore get some burn in my abs.  It was good, and overall I did feel looser, but it was by no means a resting day.

The meals were a bit more complicated today, not in the recopies, but with the fact that my wife was getting back into town, and we were going out to dinner when she got in.  We went to Chuy's, which is only one of my absolute favorite Mexican places in Austin, but not entirely diet friendly.  I spotted a dinner salad on the menu and got that, which is a big improvement over my normal bean and cheese burrito, which I am saying aloha to.

Menu for today:

Soy scramble with mushrooms

Snack 1
Peanut butter and chocolate cliff bar

Tofu stir fry
8oz soy milk

Snack 2
1oz cashews

Protein shake
Dinner salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and vinagrette


  1. Good luck Brian! I've been thinking about starting P90X myself but was concerned about meeting the nutritional guidelines as a vegan. I'll be watching your progress to see how you do. Which product are you using for your protein shakes?

  2. Hi Narianne,

    Thanks for reading. The protein powder I have been using is just soy protein powder from GNC ( The rest is just soy milk, bananas, berries, and ice.

    I don't think you should have a big concern about meeting the needed nutritional guidelines as a vegan, so long as you try to get lots of variety with veggies, and don't mind tofu, but I'm no nutritionist.