Monday, May 24, 2010

A Hitch in My Plans

After listening to my tummy rumble for the last hour or so, I began wondering if I am really getting all the calories that I need since I started free-styling my menus, and not following the guide as much.  If you are needing 2600 calories a day, like I am, then you probably shouldn't be hungry an hour after lunch.

So I calculated my caloric intake for yesterday and here's what I ate:
cup of blackberries
cup of soy milk
cliff bar
bowl of soup
8oz tofu
side salad w dressing
zucchini, squash and potato bake

After tabbing most of it up, I'm only coming up with, at most 1800 calories, way short of where I should be.  I was a little surprised, since I feel like I'm eating all the time (about once every 2 1/2 hours), but numbers don't lie.  It makes sense too, since the first day, when I basically copied the first day's menu out of the plan, it was a struggle to get through dinner, and last night I was finishing off my wife's salad.  That should indicate that something is amiss.

So I need more calories, so expect to see some larger meal sizes in the next few days.  But remember, this isn't the same for everyone.  For me, a 160 lb male, I need about 2600 calories in a day, if you weigh more or less, you'll need more or less calories.  Just be sure they are coming from the right places.

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