Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 10: On The Road Again

So here is one of the biggest challenges to a good workout routine, especially in the early stages, changing your routine.  Since the beginning, I have been at home, in my comfortable environment, but this weekend, I am traveling to a wedding.  On top of that, I'm driving.  We're not talking across town here, we're talking 11 hours in a car, straight.  That alone is enough to wipe anyone out, but we (my wife has joined in the routine now) need to find time not only to eat right, but also to workout.

This is no easy task even for an omnivore.  Fast food places with greasy burgers litter the long, desolate stretches of highway through the midwest.  Add to that the fact that I'm eating (at least mostly) vegan, and you've got a challenge.  No problem, all you need is a little forethought, and some good timing.

We awoke early in the morning (for us at least).  5:30 AM we were up and at-em.  We planned on a shake for each of us, plus we packed a couple sandwiches, nuts and of course, Cliff bars.  A little cooler can go a long way, not only in controlling what you eat, but also controlling your budget.  The two pita sandwiches we packed had twice the nutrition of any fast food meal, plus were a fraction of the cost.  We made a couple the night before and packed them up, and took some fixins with us so we could make more on the way back, knowing that our hotel room has a mini-fridge.  And you thought the mini-fridge was just for $10 mini bottles of vodka.

We also plan to eat out for almost every meal.  Thankfully, we are travelling to Lawrence, KS, a college town.  Look around any college town and you're likely to find a place to eat vegan, or at least a hippy type place to chow down on some tofu and greens.  I'll list the places we go so that in case you're in town, you can check them out too.

Notice, planning is everything here.  We packed food, googled restaurants in the town we're going to, and packed our P90X DVDs, bands, and even a DVD player just to be safe.  We were prepared for almost anything short of a massive electrical outage (and in that case, we might have just used this laptop to play our DVDs)  Preparation, preparation, preparation.  It's key and vital to traveling and keeping your focus.  It's a pain, but it pays off when you see those results and changes in your body.

The workout went pretty well.  Even though we spent the whole day in the car, we still mustered the energy to make it through arms and back.  I even made Steph go on a quest with me to find some resistance bands, as I needed some lighter ones than I had brought with me.  Fortunately, Target had some pretty cool ones that I picked up.  They are easy to adjust, and have multiple different weight options, all for a reasonable price.  They look a bit old-school, but they are useful nonetheless.


protein shake

Snack 1:
Cliff bar

Vegan bologna sandwich

Snack 2:

Snack 3: (added an additional snack, since we had a light lunch and were feeling drained)

"best veggie burger in the world"
vegan ceasar salad with tofu
peanut butter chocolate ball

Dinner was at a joint called Local Burger, and if you are vegan, I would highly recommend it.

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