Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 40: The Morning After

So after the beerfest on Saturday, I had a slight headache the next morning.  It's funny that that only happens after I drink.

I finally rolled out of bed at 10:30 and spent most of the morning making and eating breakfast, and the afternoon on the couch watching soccer.  A disappointing appearance from our neighbors to the south left me feeling a little sad though.  Once I pried myself off the couch, we only had time to get to the grocery store and then over to Brierty's for dinner, so no workout tonight.  Though, I'm learning how nice my friends are about my whole vegan diet.  They went so far as to get me some Field Roast sausages for dinner, along with some guac.  Very kind of them to do, as I might have gone hungry if it was just brisket and chili dip.  Plus I now have almost a whole tub of baked beans that they sent me home with.  I guess no one else shares my love of the magical fruit.


Stuffed french toast

This was fabulous.  Banana and peanut butter filled french toast.  So easy to do as well.  Instead of egg, we just used soy milk, a little flour, and some vanilla extract to coat the bread, and the filling was basically peanut butter, banana, and brown sugar.  Not the healthiest start to the day, but perfect when you're feeling a bit "under the weather".

Honestly, I don't remember if I peeled myself off the couch for lunch. I may have had a sandwich before leaving for the market, but I'm not sure.

chips and guacamole
field roast sausage
vegetarian baked beans

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