Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 12: The Road Home

So even though we had a blast at the wedding, we still had to head home to Texas.  So we had another 12 hour day of driving ahead of us.  Fortunately, the time seems to fly by when you have good company, so neither me nor the wife minded in the least.  I think she liked it because there's no way I could get away.  Not that I wanted to.

We scheduled this day as an off day, as it would be nice to have Sundays as our normal rest day.  So we're going to plow through the rest day this week, especially needed since we've missed two days in a row.

Again, preparation leads to success.  We brought fixins for sandwiches on the way back, as well as healthy snacks like nuts and fruits, and of course, Cliff bars.  We made some up in the morning before we went to breakfast, and were good to go.  Unfortunately, I broke fast again today, as we headed to what my sister-in-law claims are her favorite vegetarian biscuits and gravy.  We walked down to the cafe, but they didn't open till 10 on Sundays, so we had to scrap that and headed back to Mirth Cafe.

I could have gone back to my granola, or even done the beans and rice, but once I had Bs and Gs in my head, I couldn't get them out.  This was not only a failure for my vegan-ism, but also for the diet.  They were as tasty as I'm sure they are fattening.  Imagine a plate covered in biscuits and smothered in creamy, spicy gravy with soy sausage.  It was so good, yet so bad.

I mentioned this to my wife in the car, and found some recipes online for vegan Bs and Gs, which I'll have to try and share at some point.  We also looked for a place to have dinner when we stopped near Dallas.  She found a place called the New Start Veggie Garden, which is the "ultimate vegan buffet".  (Review here)

Overall, not the best of days.  We missed workout, I broke fast, and we were dog tired after all that driving.  After a night of rest, and some relaxation, we should be able to get back on track.


Vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy (Mirth Cafe)

Vegan "bologna" sandwich

Cliff bar (macadamia nut, yummy)

New Start Veggie Garden buffet

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