Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 27: Is This Ever Going to End?

Monday had a whole host of issues.  We had to pick up the car from the shop before work, I had a volleyball game and a board meeting after work, and didn't get home till 9 that night and Stephanie was trying to get some work done.  It was another day of a missed workout, and I'm beginning to think that this 90 day program is going to be more like 120 days.  With what we have been doing, we should be on day 22, so we're way behind, but that's ok.  I think that the results are already beginning to manifest.  I checked myself on the scale last night before bed and I'm down to 158.2 lbs with 10% body fat.  I can definitely notice a change in both muscle definition and with strength, so I'm guessing that this is working out so far.  Now we just have to stick with it for a couple more months.


Protein shake

Cliff Builder's Bar

Chef salad
Stir fried vegetables

1/2 cup cashews and peanuts

Guacamole salad

Cole slaw
Bread with margarine
handful of olives

I had a light dinner, as the board ordered in some Mexican food, but I'm still leaving beans out as much as I can until next week, so I opted for a salad.  I was a little light on my carb intake and calories, so I decided to have a little snack when I got home with some of my wife's awesome home made bread.


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