Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Restaurants: Local Burger

Local Burger is a really awesome concept place in Lawrence.  The whole concept of the place is to provide food that is nutritious, and raised in a humane and sustainable manner, and the menu is pretty diverse.  There is something sure to please any type of eater in your party, from the vegan (veggie burger) to the wild game lover (elk burger).
The best veggie burger in the world didn't quite live up to it's name, but it was far from the usual Boca burger at most places.  Crispy on the outside with softness on the inside, firm, without being dry.  Topped with a whole grain bun, it's great for the health conscious eater as well.  The real treat was the vegan Caesar salad, which to my suprise was also topped with warm, seasoned tofu, giving a much needed protein boost to the salad.  The greens were crisp and tasty, and the dressing was spot on, not too heavy, not too light.

My wife tried the standard burger, and seemed a little unimpressed.  It wasn't the biggest looking burger out there, much to the chagrin of my brother-in-law, so the carnivores seemed a little less than impressed.

I finished off the meal with a chocolate peanut butter ball.  I didn't verify the veganness of the chocolate, but it was fairly standard.  It was peanut butter covered in chocolate.  Pretty tasty, but nothing special. 

On a second visit, I was so impressed with the vegan salad that I decided to try another.  The Buckaroo salad, which is ranch dressing (vegan!) with greens, fried onions and tofu.  It was just as tasty as the Ceasar.  To top off the meal, I also went with the baked tofu fries, which were out of this world.  Crispy on the outside, firm, but tender on the inside, with a wonderful orange dipping sauce.  I was on cloud nine the rest of the day after these fries.  I could seriously eat them with every meal.  If only they had a Local Burger in Austin.

I gave this place 3/4 stars.  I couldn't give it any higher, as the carnivores in the group seemed a little disappointed, but if you are veg/vegan, this is definitely the place to go for some lunch grub. If you haven't tried it, and live anywhere near Lawrence, go there now.

Score: 3/4
Location: 714 Vermont Street Lawrence, KS 66044 

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