Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 25: Rest Day

Saturday was our rest day, which couldn't have come at a better time, since we, as usual, had a lot to do.  Mostly errands and such, but some fun stuff as well.  We went to the Austin farmer's market down at 4th and Guadalupe in the morning.  We've started making this a bit of a ritual each week, because they have such good produce and a lot of really good artisan food as well.  It is totally worth the effort to make it down there.

Beyond that, it was running to Central Market to get some of the stuff they don't have at the farmer's market like setian and tofu, getting some golf supplies, and returning a bunch of stuff that we found out that we don't need.  Once we got back to the house, we were dog tired, but pushed through to plant the flowers in the back since we were done repairing the sprinkler system.  By the time we were done, it was almost 7:30, which is a shame, because we were planning on doing dinner and a movie that night, but it wasn't to be.

Instead we just did dinner.  Stephanie was nice enough to indulge me in one of my favorites, Kerby Lane Cafe.  I have to say though, their vegetarian selection is out of this world, and with a few substitutions, a lot can be made vegan, and their vegan pancakes are amazing.  So I had some brinner and we headed back home to pass out.  For a rest day, I felt surprisingly tired.


Protein shake

Cliff Builder's Bar

Panera Black Bean Soup

Dinner (@ Kerby Lane Cafe):
Tofu scramble with soysage and blueberry pancakes
Some of my wife's French fries
Dark chocolate tofu cheesecake

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