Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 30: It's Pizza Time

So Thursday afternoon at work was a nightmare.  Apparently I'm holding things up and I didn't even know it, so Thursday was a work night with no work out. Fortunately, it gave me the excuse I needed to order in instead of making something for dinner.  I've been waiting for the opportunity to try Promise Pizza since I first heard about them last month.  They offer fully vegan and gluten free pizzas.  I ate the whole thing too, which was a mistake.  I paused halfway through the pizza and thought to myself that I was good, but I couldn't resist the rest of the pizza, even though it wasn't the greatest pizza I've ever eaten.

As it came from Promise Pizza

After I added some Field Roast sausage.

I think it all comes back to the principle that you will eat whatever is in front of you.  It's ingrained in a lot of us from childhood to finish what's on your plate, so nowadays, we can't help but feel a desire to finish off a meal, even if the portion size is out of control.  That's why I usually like to set aside half of my burrito at Chipoltle before I get down to it, otherwise, I get a bit overzealous and chow down.  Plus, once you make it through 3/4 of your meal, you look down at what's left, and it's not enough for lunch, but too much to throw away, so one has a psychological need to finish it off.

This is why I am trying to portion snacks and such.  It sounds so dumb, but it's true, if you just ration out your portion of nuts, you will eat just that.  You won't keep reaching back into the jar for "just one more handful".  It's a powerful way to control how much you eat and where you are getting your calories.  It's working out well for me so far, but last night I definitely fell off the wagon.  No workout and overeating is not a good combination, but as the saying goes, everything in moderation, including moderation.


Tofu scramble with choirizo style setian

Cliff Builder's Bar

Orzo with sun dried tomatoes and kale
Italian sausage

Snack 2:
1/4 cup cashews

Medium Whole Wheat Regular Crust Promise Pizza with Daiya cheese, mushrooms, olives, and Field Roast Sausage.

They didn't have any fake meat for their pizzas, so I added my new obsession to the dish, to give it some more protein.  Looking up the nutritional information, it wasn't so bad:

582.8 calories
22g fat
622.4 mg sodium
56.4g carbs
7.2g fiber
9.2g protein

With the sausage, that gives me 35g protein in a meal, and maybe 800 calories in a meal, not too bad, since I'm shooting to get in 2500 a day, but considering that I account for burning 600 in a workout, and that I failed to do so, it wasn't a great day food wise.

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