Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 36: Bring On The Carbs

Wednesday was the start of phase 2.  We started at least the phase 2 diet, but not really the workout.  We rested today as well because we had a few things to take care of that were holding us back, not to mention the glut of carbs that I ingested at dinner.  I had a room full of donated books at the library that needed to be sorted, and Steph was working later than normal and had to run to the grocery store afterward, so no new workout today, but we did have Mexican for dinner.


Protein shake

Cliff Builder's Bar

spaghetti with wheat balls

4 Boca meat and bean tacos
1 cup soy milk

Just from dinner I got all the carbs I needed, not to mention a huge plate of spaghetti for lunch.  I think it's been so long since I didn't worry about carbs that I went a little overboard.  From dinner I had 4 tortillias and a cup of beans, which left me too stuffed to really work out.  I threw the whole "eat a lot of light meals" mantra out the window for this day and binged.  Oops.

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