Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 9: Return of the Sweat

We were back to feeling the pool of sweat form underneath us today.  That's right, it's plyometrics time.  Plyometrics for those who don't know, is jump training, meaning that it's a lot of squatting, and lunging, with jumping to and from other positions.  It is easily the most kick-butt workout I have had outside of football drills.  I unfortunately ate a handfull of cashews before the workout to get me through, as I was feeling a bit tired, and that added to cramping big time.  Don't eat anything at least an hour before this workout.  It is a killer.

I was completely wiped after this workout, but it felt so good.  It's the type of workout that you just know that after doing it for a while, you are going to be lean and mean.

Speaking of lean and mean, here was the menu for the day:

tofu scramble
cup of soy milk

Snack 1:
Penaut chocolate Cliff bar

vegetable soup
two Boca burgers (no bun, no condiments)

Snack 2:
30 pistachios

tofu stir fry
cup of rice
cup of soy milk

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