Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 31: My Wife Hates Me

So Friday is our normal date night, which for a while consisted of us doing simple things like eating out and browsing at stores.  Unfortunately, our date night this week consisted of working out instead. Since I was bushed from working till midnight on Thursday, I didn't want to get up early and get it out of the way, so we instead waited until after work to get our workout in.  It wasn't bad, it was just Kenpo, which I really enjoy, especially since I needed to get some stress out from my project that I was working on.  Nothing better than kicking and punching your problems out of the way.

Afterward we did get out to do something.  We went to Barnes and Noble to browse the book section and I wound up buying a ton of books.  We got two different vegan cookbooks, one for eating on the cheap, including how to make stuff like veganaise and setian at home, and another with over 1000 recipies, so I'm going to have to branch out a little over the next few weeks.  A powerful combination of laziness and lack of time has produced an extremely repetitive menu lately.


Protein shake

Cliff Builder's Bar

Greek food at Tino's Greek Cafe

Great lunch selection of different side dishes like stewed eggplant, hummus, falafel and other Greek food.

1/4 cup cashews

Grilled squash
Field Roast sausage

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