Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Restaurants: Kerby Lane Cafe

I'll be honest, I am a little biased toward Kerby Lane.  As a big lover of brinner, I love a place where you can get pancakes and home fries any time they are open.  They have several different locations in Austin, each with a bit of a different feel to them.  The one I usually go to off of 183 is newer, and has a less worn in feel to it than the original, but it still captures the vibe well, with an expanded seating section and a nice outdoor area.  

The menu has a little something for all types of eaters, from queso and migas, to burgers, to hummus and tabbouleh.  It covers all the bases with the constant menu, with an addition of a seasonal menu that keeps you coming back to try their new flavors.  On right now is a portabello fried steak, which sounds amazing.  I didn't ask if the gravy was vegan, but it's soysage gravy, so it might be, but the guy behind me at dinner was vegan and he ordered it with a change of sides, so maybe it is meat free.

If you are vegetarian, everything is clearly marked on the menu, and unlike many places where this is maybe a couple salads and a veggie burger, they have a wide selection.  Even if you are vegan, there is a good selection, from basil pecan pesto pasta to the always popular vegan pancakes, there will be something for you.  Any of the scrambles like migas can also be done with their tofu and nutritional yeast, which is really good if you have never had scrambled tofu before.

My favorite dish is the vegan platter, which comes with their fluffy, moist, delicious pancakes, tofu scramble, and house made soysage.  Everything here is made from scratch each day so it's fresh and delicious.  Pair this with a glass of OJ and you have yourself one great breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or fourth meal).  They also serve my favorite desert here, which is a dark chocolate tofu cheesecake.  It is simply to die for, with a graham cracker crust and smooth, chocolaty center, you can't go wrong with this one.  It's one of the best deserts that I've had, vegan or not.

Sorry, I couldn't wait to dig in, so the picture is of the half-eaten cheesecake.

I can't give this place anything less than a perfect score.  Like I said, I'm biased and it's in my top 10 restaurants list.  It is quite simply the perfect place for people who love breakfast anytime of the day, with a well-rounded and unique menu and one of the best deserts in Austin.

Score: 4/4
Location: 4 locations in Austin, TX

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