Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 39: Beerfest

Saturday was beerfest for me and a couple of friends.  We went to the Great Austin Beer Festival to sample the finest brews from all around.  Of course, we had so sample the best beer ever beforehand, which was my home brewed German Maibock.  We polished off a couple of pitchers while watching the World Cup match, which was entirely disappointing.

So we're already 3 beers deep by the time that we got to the festival.  Needless to say, it was a fun day and I think that Steph enjoyed laughing at our escapades afterward.  I was not the worst off by a long shot, as Barrett kept wandering off at the festival, and at dinner, meandered down to the dock to sit by himself.  I think he enjoyed himself though, and apparently I'm his new best friend.

I fortunately did get in a quick workout before the game and after brunch, even though it was a busy day.  After beerfest and dinner, Stephanie and I made it out to a friend's housewarming party.  Luckily I took the safe route of chugging water through dinner instead of one of the Hula Hut's delicious concoctions, but you know what they say, beer before liquor...


Cliff Builder's Bar

Tofu migas at Snack Bar

Grilled veggies
baked beans
Field Roast sausage

Many, many beers

Veggie enchiladas with no cheese at The Hula Hut.

Their pickings were pretty slim for dinner, so I went with the basics, just some grilled veggies with tomatillo sauce.

2 bean burritos minus cheese from Taco Bell

After a few adult beverages, Taco Bell was always my stop of choice.  I was psyched to hear that their beans and burritos have no lard in them, so as long as you stay away from the cheese, these burritos are 100% vegetable.

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