Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Restaurants: New Start Veggie Garden

The New Start Veggie Garden was a vegan buffet that my wife found online as we were driving through Dallas.  It's a very interesting concept and is the ultimate place for vegans, as everything there is vegan.  No worrying about does this have cream in it, or can I get this without cheese, or any of the other worries at restaurants.  They take the time to produce each dish without any animal products.  For that alone they should be commended.

I went on a Sunday, and didn't realize that it was all vegan at the time, I thought it was just mostly vegan, which led me to not really dig into the main dish of the night, cashew chicken.  Which is a shame, because my hesitation caused me to miss out.  I tried a bite of it, not knowing if it was really chicken or not.  It had a decent flavor, and I didn't detect chicken-ness, but I stayed on the safe side and refrained from it.  Boy was that a mistake.

The main dishes range from dumplings to "steak" to lentils and tofu, and on their site they look delicious, unfortunately, I only had the experience with the cashew "chicken", which was tasty, but my trepidation about if it was vegan prohibited me from enjoying more than a bite.

Other things on the buffet are cooked with light oil and seasoning, making them healthy and light.  I had a plate full of some of their spicy noodles and spinach, which were flavorful.  You can really taste the veggies when they aren't smothered in some type of sauce or over-seasoned, and that was a good thing.

Though I think I would enjoy it more on a second visit, my omnivorous wife wasn't that impressed with the fair.  Great for your vegan and veggie friends, but don't bring around your carnivorous acquaintances, as they are likely to be disappointed.

Rating: 2.5/4
Location: 2330 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75229

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  1. I was not disappointed by the lack of meat but by the lack of flavor. You mentioned to me that the best thing they had was the spicy noodles which were too spicy for me to handle so I felt unsatisfied. I chose the restaurant because the images on the website looked amazing but was then disappointing at what we actually had. If I wanted meat I wouldn't have picked an all vegan restaurant. I wouldn't recommend it to my veggie friends.