Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 21: Plumbing Issues

After the disaster that was trying to plant flowers in my backyard this weekend, the wife and I tasked ourselves with fixing our own mess.  After breaking a pipe in our sprinkler system, we needed to replace a good section of it.  Instead of hiring someone to do it, we figured that we could do it ourselves on the cheap.  Unfortunately, with cheap comes time.  I am now realizing why mechanics and plumbers charge you $400 for a repair, and use $10 in parts.  It's cheap, but it takes forever.

We dug up sections around the pipe and fit some new pipe in there.  Sounds simple right?  Not when the pipe is 2 feet down.  It took us till 10PM working basically from the time we got home till then to get the piping in place.  Beyond that, I'm not even confident that it will work.  When we spent hours fitting and digging and cutting, the 30 seconds that we had to attach the pipe before the glue dried were the most crucial, and we managed to not fit them quite right.  Ugh, beyond the fact that it started raining not long after we finished and it's now a backyard pond, we had 0 time to work out.  So it was another "rest" day for us.  At this rate, the program's going to take closer to 120 days.


Tofu scramble with mexican seitan, mushrooms, spinach and tomato

Cliff Builder's Bar

"Bologna" sandwich with veganaise, cheddar "cheese", arugala and tomato on wheat pita
Side salad
3 small peaches

I tried my sandwich with a slice of the vegan cheddar I got from the store.  It wasn't bad, and had a vaguely cheese-like flavor, but the sandwich could have done without it.  I also had some great peaches from the farmer's market.  They are so ripe and tasty.  I don't know if I can stay with just eating one serving of fruit with peaches like these.

1/4 cup cashews

Pizza with mushrooms and "pepperoni"
Side salad
3 small peaches
cup cherries

I tried out this Daiya cheese from Whole Foods for my pizza.  I know, I know, pizza is not part of the diet here, but I couldn't resist.  I thought the pizza was great, the cheese melted very nicely and really did taste like mozzerella, closer to the lower quality Kraft mozerella than a fresh block of Italian that my wife had.  The peperoni that I got could be skipped, and I forgot that I had bought Field Roast italian sausage, so maybe I'll do sausage next time.  Overall I thought it was good.  Though I'd like to do a blind taste test with some of my vegan food to see if it actually tastes good, or if I just think it tastes good.

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