Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 28: Yoga

The first activity in our "rest" week was an hour and a half of yoga.  You know, before ever doing yoga, I just thought of it as standing around and breathing, not something that could actually get you a workout.  Yoga X has completely changed my mind.  The balancing and the standing may look easy, but I was deceived in the same way that Albert Pujols makes hitting a home run look easy.  Just holding these poses is a challenge that gets my whole body working and the sweat flowing like a river.

It is also a calming experience as well.  After the cool-down period, I generally feel pretty mellow, which is a lot different than after I finish something like plyometrics and am still a bit amped up.  It's good that it calms me, since by the time we were done working out, it was all but time for bed.


Soy scramble with chorizo style seitan (over 50g protein in this meal!)

Cliff Builder's Bar

Tofurkey wrap with mustard, tomato and arugala on wheat pita
orzo with sun-dried tomatoes and kale

1/2 cup cashews

Mexican-style field roast sausage (spicy and yummy!)
Grilled peppers and mushrooms
Roasted red potatoes with rosemary

I went a little crazy with the carbs today (pita, pasta and potatoes all in one day), but I think I'll survive.  The orzo I used actually had 6g of protein in it, so I'm sneaking in the protein wherever I can.

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