Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 32: Meet Me At The Oasis

Saturday was our usual farmer's market trip.  We got there a bit early, not realizing that the market doesn't officially open till 9, so we stood around our favorite guy's booth and picked out everything we needed.  When the bell rung at 9, we were ready to check out.  We even picked up some Texas Tea jam, made with Dr. Pepper and lemon juice.  I asked the lady about it, thinking that most jams are made with gelatin or something, but she assured me it was just Dr. Pepper, sugar,and lemon juice.  Sweet.  Can't wait to try it on some of my wife's fresh baked bread.

It was truly a feasting day, as we went to Snack Bar down on South Congress.  They had a great vegan menu, and I was tempted by the waffles, but I got the vegan migas, since I am obsessed with migas nowadays.  They were so deliciously spicy and savory, I could have eaten three plates.  They also have a vegan chocolate cake there, but I was feeling stuffed after the huge plate with beans and tortillias.  The prices aren't bad either.  We might make this place a tradition after farmer's market.

We were all about eating out today, as we were meeting a friend for a celebration dinner at The Oasis.  Stephanie took a nap in the afternoon while I consumed one of my books from Barnes and Noble.  I didn't get her up until about an hour and a half before we were leaving, so we barely had time to get in our P90X workout.  Good thing for us, it was just stretching today, which I forgot was a whole hour, I thought I remembered it being only a half hour, but I was feeling quite limber afterward.

At dinner, it was a bit of a challenge to find something to eat.  They have a straight up salad, but no vegan dressings.  I could have done a honey mustard dressing, as I personally don't have a problem with honey, though others would argue that I should, but I have to be in a certain mood for that, and I was definitely not.  The other option was a Garden Burger, which is not vegan, so nix that.  I ended up with the veggie fajitas, which were damn expensive for grilled vegetables.  Tasty, but $17 for some grilled veggies and guacamole?  Give me a break.


Cliff Builder's Bar

Vegan migas
orange juice

Salad with tomato and Field Roast sausage

Veggie fajitas
Oasis sunset cooler
Oasis sunset shot
1 pint Fireman's Four
1/2 pint of wife's unwanted beer

Definitely a carby day, from beans with breakfast to beans and beer for dinner, but it was all delicious.

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