Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Restaurants: Mirth Cafe

The Mirth Cafe is a coffee shop that has transformed into a full cafe. The wife and I went here twice during our weekend trip to Lawrence.  We had breakfast both times, and service was definitely a mixed bag.  The first morning, we got a server that we only saw to order, get our food, and for the check, with getting the check coming about an hour after getting our food. It was to a point that we wanted to lay down some cash and just leave.  Especially since I had not asked for soy milk for my granola, and was left with a bowl of dry granola to munch on for most of the meal.  It's partially my fault, since he asked when I ordered if I wanted milk or yogurt, but I forgot to ask for soy milk.  Still, it should be customary to check on your guests about 5 minutes after they get their food.

The second visit had much better service, probably because they weren't as busy.  The food was about as mixed as their service, with the granola being way too sweet with not nearly enough fruit on top.  For the record, slicing a single strawberry on top does not count as granola and fruit.  I expect at least a cupful of fruit for it to be counted.

The second visit yielded better results, with me reverting back to my ovo-lacto diet and ordering the vegetarian biscuits and gravy.  They were spicy and satisfying.  The perfect hangover cure, not that I was hungover.  My wife got the French toast, which looked really tasty and she seemed to enjoy every bite of it.

Overall this is a very friendly vegetarian place, with a couple of vegan options including the granola and red beans and rice for breakfast.  It's sure to impress the meat eaters in your life as well, with the usual bacon and sausage options.

Score: 3/4 stars
Pros: Awesome vegetarian biscuits and gravy
Cons: Service left a lot to be desired
Location: 745 New Hampshire Lawrence, KS 66044

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